19 Top Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

Do you have friends or family members who love to travel?  Are you looking for some unique gift idea for them?  Then look no more.  I have 19 top unique gift ideas for these travelers.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit


How about gift of solar generator?  Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit comes with the power generator and Boulder 20 Watt Solar Panel. It’s a plug-and-play generator and it is great for camping and for emergency situation.  You no longer need gasoline to power the generator.  All you need is sun to keep the lights, phones and laptops powered on through any situation. Goal Zero Solar Generator has three different power sources.  It has two USB Ports, AC inverter, and 12V port.  USB device is best for charging your phone or any USB-powered device.  AC inverter is standard wall socket.  12V port is charger that is in your car.

2. Large Cork Globe

How about large Cork Globe?  What a great way to track all the places you visited in the world.  Are you planning a new adventure?  Why not plot your favorite places on the globe itself?   Cork globe is simple, stylish, lightweight, and very durable.  It has stainless steel base for stable support. It measures 25cm across.

3. Steve Aoki Micro Luggage

How about a luggage with a twist?  Steve Aoki Micro Luggage is a luggage with built in kickboard. Now you don’t have to lug your heavy luggage anymore.  You can even lug your luggage with style and have fun with it. Some of the features include pull out handlebar for easy ride.  It weight about 4.6 kg and approved as a hand luggage. For your safety, the closing/opening mechanism is designed to lock when under pressure.

4. Nekteck 20W Solar Charger with 2-Port USB Charger


How about solar charger for your phone?  Nekteck 20W Solar Charger is your new best friend when you’re far from power plug and need to charge your phone or other USB devices.  The solar panel is foldable and easy carry it on your backpack.  The 20 watt solar panel puts out approximately 800~1000mA under strong sunlight.  It has dual USB charging ports allow up to two devices to recharge at once.  Now you don’t have to worry about your phone battery running low.

5. Lomo’Instant Wide Combo Central Park

How about gift of beautiful instant camera? The Lomo’Instant is the most versatile, customizable, elegant instant camera around. It shoots beautiful photos wherever you go and share them instantly. The Lomo’Instant Wide features not only manual exposure settings, but also comes equipped with a fully programmatic shutter.  It has long exposures, multiple exposures, and color-flashed exposures which gives you full control over the camera.  This beautiful packaged gift set comes with Remote Control Lens Cap, Ultra Wide-Angle Lens, and Close-Up Lens.

6. Nyrius Language Global Digital Talking Translator

How about a talking translator?  Nyrius Language Global Digital Talking Translator will give you confidence when you travel to foreign country. This talking translator is small enough to fit in your pocket. It contains 8,400 travel-related phrases and keeps them organized in categories so you can find them quickly and easily.
This handy translator can translate in 12 different languages.  They are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Swedish. It both speaks and displays the translated phrase. You also have the ability to save frequently used phrases.  Since this device speaks the phrases aloud, you can be sure you are pronouncing foreign words correctly.  Lastly, it has integrated alarm clock and data bank with password lock.

7. HyperFlow Microfilter

How about a portable water filter?  The MRS HyperFlow will change the way you filter water in the backcountry.  It is very portable and tool free maintenance. It can carry around when you are exploring the forest and camping in backcountry knowing you don’t have to worry about finding drinking water.
Some of the features include:
  • Microfilter utilizes Hollow Fiber Technology and advanced engineering to make water treatment highly mobile.
  • Filtration rate of three liters per minute; includes Quick Connect bottle adapter.
  • Hollow fiber filter with 0.2-micron pores, effective against protozoa, bacteria, and particulate.

8. International Scratch the World Travel Map

How about gift of scratchable map?  The Earth Citizen Scratch Off Map of The World will make your travel experiences more exciting as you scratch off place you explored.  It is great way to learn about the world and different countries. The maps’ dimension is 33 (w) x 23 (h) inches.  It makes a perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person.

9. Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Machine

How about portable espresso maker?  The Handpresso Wild is a portable espresso maker that you can take virtually anywhere!  You can take it with you when you travel for vacation, business, or exploring new place in the world.  It is small and very convenient.  With The Handpresso Wild espresso maker, you can enjoy a premium quality espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or latte.  It is Light, durable, and easy to use.  All you need is boiling water and any E.S.E Pod, which you can easily acquired at coffee houses and grocery stores.  When you are done brewing, you never have to worry about cleaning your Handpresso Wild. You simply throw away your pod and rinse out the water receptacle.

10. The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide

How about a ultimate survival guide for men?  Frank Miniter’s The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide shows men how to fight off a bear, how to set a dislocated joint, how to pick the perfect cigar and bottle of wine, and more.
Frank Miniter is executive editor of American Hunter magazine and is a former senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine.  So he really knows his stuff.
The book is presented in seven sections–survivor, provider, athlete, hero, romantic, cultured man, and philosopher. Frank Miniter teaches guys the skills, attitudes, and philosophies they need to be the ultimate man.

11. Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

How about handheld GPS system?  Garmin eTrex 20 Handheld GPS Navigator is rugged handheld navigator with preloaded worldwide relief basemap and 2.2-inch color display.  Compatible with topographic, marine and road maps.  It is powered with two AA batteries and it is waterproof to protection against splashes and rain.  With Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator, you can explore all over the world, knowing exactly where you are.

12. Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

How about ultimate survival tool? The Survival Sparkl combines three pieces of essential survival tool into one.  It has fire starter rod, high quality compass, and emergency whistle.

The fire starter lights up to 15,000 times, and is an essential for outdoor activities. It is essential part of emergency survival supplies. It is weather resistant, cold resistant and windproof.  It is easy to use.  All you have to do it simply shave a small amount of magnesium from the rod onto your tinder using the serrated side of the scraper. The amount needed is approximately the size of a US quarter. Next, hold the rod at an angle over the pile and forcefully slide your striker along the length of the rod until sparks land directly on the magnesium shavings and ignite the fire.

13. Cigar Caddy Starter Kit

How about travel size cigar starter kit? The Cigar Caddy starter kit has everything you need to enjoy a good cigar.  Note that The Cigar Caddy starter kit doesn’t come with cigars.  The cigar starter kit can hold up to 5 cigars and comes with everything you need. It comes with a lighter, a double guillotine cutter and a get a grip clip.

14. Uoobag Slim Business Laptop Backpack Anti-theft Travel Bag

How about anti-theft laptop backpack?  Uoobag Slim Business Laptop Backpack Anti-theft Travel Bag has so many features. It is made with durable nylon and high quality of polyester, and fits most 14 15.6 inch laptop. The dimension of laptop compartment is 11(L)*1.57(W)*16.5 (H) Inch /28*4*42CM.
It has two-way anti-theft zipper and pockets in the back of our backpack make bag more safe. The Shaped and thicken shoulder straps is comfortable and will lighten your shoulder load.

15. ECEEN Solar Powered Hiking Daypacks with 3.25 Watts Solar Charger

How about solar powered backpack?  ECEEN® Solar Backpack captures more sunlight than conventional solar panels, and it can store energy for use in the night. So you don’t need to worry your batteries running out on your devices day or night.  Solar panel is removable and it is compact sized, so you can carry around with you anywhere you go without the backpack.

ECEEN packable backpack is stylish, ultra-light. and ultra-durable.  It is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travel. Adjustable breathable straps make it easy and comfortable to travel.

16. SOL Original Survival Tool

How about outdoor survival kit?  SOL Original Survival Tool fits in the palm of your hand, and it has all the tools you need to survive the unexpected.  This is an ultimate survival kit wrapped up in one lightweight, easy to carry package.
SOL Original Survival Tool starts with durable waterproof case which contains an array of key survival tools.  It includes following:
  • Tinder-Quik fire starters
  • 150lb-test braided nylon cord
  • Mil-spec stainless steel wire
  • Emergency sewing and fishing kit.
  • Buck Tilton’s survival instructions contain over 60 survival techniques and strategies.
  • Flip-up Rescue Flash signal mirror with a retro-reflective aiming aid
  • The one-hand-operable Fire Lite sparker
  • A removable liquid-damped compass and, secured in a button-release slot, is
  • A versatile folding lock-blade knife
  • 100db rescue whistle
  • Ultra-bright LED light integrated into the handle
  • An AUS-8 steel drop-point blade.

17. Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular

How about a night vision monocular?  Night vision isn’t only for military anymore.  Firefield Nightfall 2 5×50 Night Vision Monocular features ergonomic, easy-grip design.  It is equipped with a power-saving PULSE IR illuminator and one of the largest objective lenses available on the market.  Its fully weather-resistant design features a modern, rubber-armored housing for exceptional durability.  The Nightfall 2 5×50 is compact and lightweight, and it is perfect for nighttime hunting, search and surveillance, or any other night activities.  It requires two CR123A batteries and they are included.

18. Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

How about ultimate travel pilow?  Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is all you need to get a good rest while you are traveling.  It doesn’t matter where you are. You can be in Airplanes, cars, buses, trains, or camping, you’ll get a good rest using Travelrest ultimate pillow.  Its not jut for traveling.  You can use it at home napping or in wheelchair.  It will inflates easily with just a few breaths, and stores neatly when rolled to minimize packing space.

There are many benefits for use Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow.  It promotes proper head and neck alignment.  It’s Ideal for chronic pain sufferers. Its ergonomic design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.  It can be used in multi-position across the torso or down the side. Lastly, it is easily washable.

19. GreenLighting Solar Phone Charger

How about a solar charger for your phone which you can stick it on the window?   The unique design of the GreenLighting Power Bank provides you with a backup power supply for your electronics. A 2000mAh internal Lithium Ion battery will provide your device of choice with a boost up to 40% power via USB cable. The 4-in-1 USB charging cable features a micro, mini, 30 pin, and 8 pin connector compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Not only that, decorative lighting cycles through 6 colors gives you beautiful visual effect while you are charging your device. It is compact and easily carry around with you.

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