Boosted Board Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

REVIEW: Boosted Board Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard


Bring out the kid in him by giving him gift of Boosted Board. It will change his life.  Boosted Board Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard is motorize skateboard that will simulate Longboarding experience in the street. Boosted Board Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard is top of the line board from the company, Boosted, and it is packed with cool features.  It has dual motors for reliability.  And it has 20000W of electric power that will give you the ability to ride up to 22 mph on the street. With one full charge, you are able to travel about 7 miles in normal riding condition.  It has enough power to  climb uphill in 25% Grade, so you don’t have to walk those steep hills.  Also it is light weight.  It’s only 15 lbs, so you can easily carry it around everywhere you go.  The deck of the board is made with bamboo and it very strong and flexible.  The batteries are high quality battery made aerospace-grade material.  Speed controller is wireless and it has built with safety in mind.  These are just sample of amazing features.

The Company

The company, Boosted is started by 3 talented entrepreneurs who have passion for snowboarding, surfing, and kiting.  John Ulmen, one of the founder for Boosted has background in robotics, and  has perfect understanding how to combine modern motor and battery technology into a revolutionary drivetrain. Since the prototype, Boosted has been building loyal community of riders who really believes in the product.

boosted board top

Riding Experience

If you are a skateboarder, snowboard, or surfer, this board makes even more exciting experience as you ride through your city, to work, or in campus.  Give your car a break and ride your boasted board to take care of your business around the town.  It makes your errands even more enjoyable.  

If you’re not skater nor surfer, no worries.  It is very easy to learn.  It has advanced mobile app which you can adjust the power and speed for your levels.  You can increase the performance as you get more comfortable with the board.   If you are riding it for the first time, just set the setting mode to “Beginner” and go for a test run.  You’ll be surprise how easy it rides.

  • Beginner: top speed 11mph
  • Eco: top speed 16mph
  • Pro: top speed 20mph
  • Expert: top speed 22mph

boosted board level settings

If you run out of battery, no worries.  You can still ride like a skateboard.  Because it has motors, it is bit heavier and sluggish then the normal skateboard.  But long as you push it harder, you can ride it like a normal skateboard.  Also you can easily carry it around as it is only 15 lbs.  It is pretty light considering it has dual electric motor with big battery.

The battery charges pretty fast.  It charges around 30-40 minuets.  Another cool thing is that you can charge the battery while riding it by doing downhill and applying the brakes.  This is very beneficial if you are riding up and down the hill.

Here is really good video of unboxing of Boosted Board and riding it for the first time.

2000W Dual Motor

There are two major benefits come from having Boastedboard’s 2000W Motor.   First is the reversible drive. Because in order to come to a complete stop going downhill and to have very fine control of braking, you need a symmetrical motor that you could drive reverse as powerful as you drive forward.  Unlike a automobile, motorized skateboard don’t have disc brake, so you have to drive backwards to compensate for the forward momentum. Having reverse drive also enable you to do advance trick like the 180 turn or slide out.

Second is the incredible torque and power it offers so you could climb and go down the steepest hill.  Having a fast motor is one thing but without powerful torque, you won’t be able to climb the steep hill smoothly.  Also without torque power, you won’t be able to reach the top speed quickly and smoothly. This in itself justifies the enjoyment you’ll get from premium board such as Boosted Board.

Remote Control

Boosted Board remote controller is another components that needs to be mentioned.   This wireless controller is spring loaded and it requires gradually more force to turn it further and further.  This makes perfect sense, because as you go faster, you need to feel more resistance . This is example of fine detail that they integrated into the Boosted Board for that completely experience.   It doesn’t matter if you are driving Lamborghini, if you have crappy controller, the whole experience isn’t complete.

Boosted Board remote controller

Casey Neistat and Boosted Board

Casey Neistat, a filmmaker and Youtube celebrity, talks highly about the Boosted Board.  Few years ago, Casey started to create video blog every single day talking about his life in New York.   Boosted board is his main transportation around busy streets of New York, and he talks about the riding experience in many of his daily vlog.   You can watch some of his vlogs related to Boosted Board.

Makes a Great Gift!

Boosted board makes great gift for that special person in your life.  This isn’t just a toy that you are going to loose interested in few months.  Boosted board is a life style.  Many who has been riding Boasted Board can’t live with it after experiencing what it can do. Don’t buy those cheap Chinese-made knock off electric skateboard.  Get the original boosted board made in US.  It will change his life.

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