Give Gift of Singing with Superior Singing Method Online Course

Do you have special friends or family who like to sing? Why not give a gift of singing? Superior Singing Method online course makes very unique gift to those who like to learn how to sing or want to improve on their singing ability.   Superior Singing Method is almost like hiring a personal coach without the high price tag.  Superior Singing Method is 60 days program to learn and improve your voice.  Good thing about the course is that after you complete your 60 days program, you can always revisit some of the sections you were having difficulty, and continue to improve and develop your skills.

Meet the Instructor, Aaron Anastasi

Superior Singing Method online course is taught by Aaron Anastasi.  He is a professional singer and musician. He has been singing and making music for over 10 years.  He began his musical journey when he was 13 by learning how to playing the guitar.  Aaron started to write songs early in his age and started to show his love for music.  He’s music of choice is rock, but as he continue mature as a musician, he branched out to many different styles.  Aaron recorded his first series of original songs when he was 18.  Soon after he released two EPs and eventually full albums.  Aaron has toured all over the world and has done extensive studio work numerous producers with many of Grammy winner producers.


Aaron’s singing philosophy

Aaron Anastasi believes that you don’t have to be born with ability to sing to be a great singer.  He believes that you can learn to sing well.  Singing is just another type of musical instrument.  Instead of plucking a string or blowing a horn, you manipulate your throat muscles to make music.  So by building muscles through different exercises over period of time, you can be a great singer.

The vocal chords are small thin muscles that vibrate when air passes through. Good singers learn to control their vocal chords.  Just like any other muscles in the body, vocal chords muscles can be developed.  More you develop your vocal chord muscles, easier it is for you to sing and sing well.  By using different type of vocal exercises, you can develop and build vocal chord muscle to sing like a professional.

It is important that you learn to sing the right way.  Some people may have singing for long time but it is possible that they are singing in unhealthy way.  You can really damage your vocal muscle if you continue to sing wrong way.  It is important that you learn to sing in a healthy manner that builds up the muscles slowly and prevents damage to the voice.

What is in the Superior Singing Method course?

Superior Singing Method is online course.  When you purchase the course, you’ll get a login name and a password.  Then you get a link to the website where you can login to access all the materials. Superior Singing Method is basically series of different vocal exercises.  The course is design to finish in 60 days. To see a maxim result, you need to commit to 60 days to do the excises each day.

The course is divided into 8 modules.  Each module has 6 lessons.  You are supposed to do each lesson everyday. For example, if you decided to start on Monday, you will do lesson 1. On Tuesday, you’ll do lesson 2, on Wednesday lesson 3, and so on.  You’ll noticed that there is no lesson 7 because the lessons are planned for 6 days in a week. On 7th day is the rest day where you supposed to rest you voice.

Each lesson comes with a video.  You are supposed to watch the video before you do the exercises.  In the video, Aaron explains about the exercises and why you need to do them. After you watched the video, you are supposed to the exercises.  In Module 1, Lesson 1, you only have only one excise to do.  Each exercise only takes a minuet or two to do.  But as you continue with the lesson, exercises continue to grow.  For example, in Module 1, Lesson 2, you are doing two exercise. In module 1, Lesson 3, you are doing three exercise. As you can see the exercises starts to grow.

First week is warm up and introduction, and as you move forward each week, it will get more detailed and complicated.  Here are list of all the modules:

  1. Warm up – Foundation for the entire Superior Singing Method program.
  2. Breath Management – Develop the best habits for optimum singing performance.
  3. Vocal Tone – Makes your voice sound full and rich.
  4. Pitch – Develop your pitch so that you are always on key
  5. Power and Resonance – Learn how to use resonance to sing with more power while maintaining a great vocal tone.
  6. High Notes – Expanding your vocal range so that you can sing higher notes with less strain and without cracking or breaking.
  7. Vocal Agility – Ability to bounce from note to note and stay on pitch.
  8. Advanced Strengthening & Techniques – Develop your vibrato and more…

There is also a bonus material.  These are tips from Aaron about performing, tips about how to market yourself as a musician, and more.  These are very helpful tips and it comes in PDF format, so you download them and review them any time you want in your PC or mobile devices.

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At the end of the 60 days, you’ll definitely see improvement on your voice. But don’t expect to sing like a rock star at the end of 60 days.  What this course does is teach you the foundation to build upon.  Just like any other instrument, it takes many year of practice developing your skill.  So you don’t stop after 60 days.  It is just a beginning of your musical journey.  You need to continue to do the exercises and continue to develop your skills.

Good thing about this course is that you can download all the exercises in MP3 format and load them into your portable audio player and continue to use them to improve your voice anywhere you go.  Later on, you can mix and match each exercise so that you can continue to work on the techniques that you are struggling with.

Superior Singing Method isn’t just for men.  All the exercises and techniques applies to women. For your convenience, the course also has separate sections for for women. They are same exercises but in higher pitch.

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My experience with Superior Sing Method

I had chance to try Superior Singing Method.  You see, I’ve been playing guitar for many years, but I never really learned how to singing.  Because of this, I was always shy about singing in front of people.  Singing is something I always wanted to learn, so I decided to give this online course a chance. I decided to commit myself to 60 days for Superior Singing Method challenge.  Here is my video:

First two weeks are pretty easy.  The exercises are very short and I was able to finish them within in minuets or two each day.  But starting from week three, the exercises started to get tougher and longer.  It started to take almost 10-15 minuets to do the exercises each day.  I felt like week 4-5 was the toughest.  The exercises started to get repetitious and I started to get tiresome.  It is important that you keep push forward, because I started to see result soon as 4th weeks.  But it isn’t all difficult from this point on.  Around 6th week, the exercises started to get interesting and fun.  You just have to get pass the difficult point in week 3-5.

I have to admit, 60 days commit isn’t easy.  We all have life and things come up.  But that is okay.  Beauty of it is that you can always pickup where you left over.  It just that you cannot take long breaks.  You are not going to see any result if you take long breaks in the middle of the 60 days commitment. If something come up and you need a long break, it is recommend that you start over again from the beginning.  Personally, I had to miss few days here and there, but I was able to pickup where I left over each time.  After 60 days, I definitely saw improvement in my voice.  But most importantly, I started to gain confidence in myself.  I feel like that is the most important thing you can learn from this course. Because singing is all about having confidence in yourself and in your voice.

Important thing you need to understand is that, it isn’t all over after 60 days.  It is just a beginning.   What the course teaches you is the fundamentals.  You still have to build upon your foundation and develop your own style depends on what genre of music you are going to venture in.  After you finish your course, you can continue to go back and do the exercises again and work on the areas you need to improve on.   You can mix and match different exercises and customize them, and continue to develop your skills.

So does Superior Singing Method wroth buy?  It only worth when you are serious about singing and willing to spend time and efforts on it.  If you are just an weekend karaoke singers, not so much.

Money back guarantee

Superior Singing Method comes with 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that the Superior Singing Method program isn’t for you then just sent them an email and they’ll happily refund the money back. They are 100% confident that, if you follow the program, you will see amazing results.  You have nothing to loose.  So give gift of singing to your special friends and family today. If you want more information, click on the box below and watch the short video.  After the short video, if you decided to purchase, it will give you option to purchase for $97.

Give Gift of Singing with Superior Singing Method


  1. Every time I try to go to Aaron´s website to purchase the program it comes back as an invalid URL.

    Please let them know to see if they can fix it.

    Thank you so much.

    Aimee Goren

  2. Aimee, I’m having the same problem. I have paid for the course but haven’t had any confirmation, so I’d like a contact email address.

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