Hickory Smoked Bacon Super Scented Soy Candle

Most men are not interested in candles.  Unless the candle smells like a bacon.  This is why Hickory Smoked Bacon Super Scented Soy Candle makes a great gift for men.

You might be wondering why they would make a Hickory Smoked Bacon candle? The answer to that question is… Why Not!  Everybody loves bacon. This candle smells just like the real deal!

Here are some of the highlights of the product:

  • Pure USA Grown, renewable, GMO-free Soy Wax, and Lead free wick
  • A blend of the finest essential oils and fragrance oils made with plant extracts
  • Super Scented to Fill Your Home with Fragrance
  • Recyclable tin that is manufactured in the USA
  • Candle Handmade in USA

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