Micro Luggage

Micro Luggage makes a great gift because it is luggage with scooter built in.  With Micro Luggage, you can get to you gate fast when you travel.  It is design for adults to use.

Micro Luggage is well made.  The handlebar is based on the principle of weight transfer. The rider applies weight appropriately and curve riding can be mastered with ease.

Micro Luggage is light weight. It only weight 4.6 kg and it is approved as hand luggage.  Micro Luggage has capacity of 26 liters.  It can easily fit in overhead bin in an airplane.

Operating Micro Luggage is safe and fun. For your safety, the closing/opening mechanism is designed to lock when under pressure. Applying gentle pressure the *opposite* direction while pulling up on the chevron-colored cord allows the locking mechanism to be easily disengaged.

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