Mini Beer Pong Deluxe Set

Beer Pong is fun social game that all the beer drinkers love to play.  Now there is Beer Pong in miniature size.  This makes a great gift for all the beer lovers.

Mini Beer Pong is miniature size beer pong game in convenient new tabletop version.  For those who doesn’t know how to play beer pong, players use catapults to shoot tethered balls into mini cups from the comfort of their own seats.  You never have to chase another ping pong ball again.

The wooden deluxe set is handcrafted in Minneapolis. Custom engraving is available exclusively at minibeerpong.Com.  Mini Beer Pong Deluxe Set includes: 1 wooden game board, 2 launchers (black), 2 tethered balls (black), 4 rubber grips, 1 box + instruction card, 50 re-usable cups.

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