Non-Stick Divided Grill by Master Pan

Do you have friends or families who love to cook?  This non-stick divided grill by Master Pan makes a great gift for those who loves to cook, specially for men who like to prepare meal quickly but don’t want to spend all day cleaning.  This is very unique gift because there is no other pan out there that compartmentalized single pan into 5 chambers.  Here is short video introducing Non-stick Divided Grill by Master Pan by the founder Chris Mansakis.

So what is so special about Mater Pan’s Non-Stick Divided Grill?

1 pan, 5 Compartments

master pan non-stick divided grillNow you can use only 1 pan to cook full meal. You no longer need a set of 3-4 pans on your stove to cook different type of food. The Master Pan is designed with 5 compartment in one pan that allows you to cook everything you need. It doesn’t matter what you are cooking, Master Pan can handle it all.

master pan non-stick divided grill-03The master pan only requires 1 burner even though the Master Pan is quite large in size. The heavy gauge metallic base plate distributes heat evenly throughout the pan. This means that outside compartments heat up just as hot as inside compartment.

Non-stick and Stain Resistant

Master Pan uses Whitford’s XYLAN PLUS double layer non-stick coating which is PFOA free.  Food doesn’t stick and it’s stain resistant. It makes cooking more enjoyable and easy.

Dishwasher and Oven Safe

master pan non-stick divided grill-04When you are done with cooking,  you can put The Master Pan in the dishwasher for easy clean. It is dishwasher safe.  The XYLAN Plus coating is so easy to clean that a quick hand wash does the trick.

Also, you can use it to cook your meal in the oven.  Its is oven safe up to 350F.

Healthier Eating with Portion Control

With the Master Pan, now you have an in place portion control system that helps you to create to perfect portions for your meal.

master pan non-stick divided grill-02

Featured on “As You Seen On TV” Commericial

Cooking Video with Master Pan

Here is a popular Youtuber who made cooking video with The Master Pan.

About Master Pan Company

Non-stick Divided Grill is by startup company called Master Pan. Founder, Chris Mansakis, got the idea one Sunday afternoon when he cooking breakfast for the family.  There were multiple pans going at the same time cooking different breakfast meal. What was supposed to be a quick breakfast turned into a chore.  There came the idea for this unique pan. Over next 2 years, there was lots of fine tuning and testing in order to create the product as you see today.

Master Pan is unique because of it is the only pan out there that is compartmentalized single pan into 5 chambers. Not only that, it promotes healthy eating by  controlling portions you eat.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions 17 x 24 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight 6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 7.1 pounds
  • Item model number MP-1
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Makes Great Gift

This non-stick divided grill by Master Pan is very unique gift idea for those who loves to cook and eat specially men.

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