Personal Whiskey Making Kit with Customized Barrel

Personal Whiskey Making Kit makes a great gift for those who appreciate and enjoy good whiskey. With this Whiskey Making kit, you can make three popular types of whiskey and age it in your very own personalized oak barrel.  The small size barrel is handy to store or display and holds 2 liters. Small batches age exponentially faster than in large barrels so you will be able to enjoy your home aged whiskey sooner than you think.  Personal Whiskey making Kit is hand made in the USA. Be aware that ALCOHOL NOT INCLUDED.

How It Works is that you simply fill your barrel with hot water to cure it.  This swells the barrel staves and prevents leaks. Then drain the water and add vodka or unflavored grain alcohol along with the whiskey flavor essence of your choice. Whiskey can be enjoyed immediately but is best aged for 2 weeks. Complete detailed instructions are included with the kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey & Highland Malt Scotch Flavor Essences
  • Paper Funnel Barrel Cleaning Kit
  • 2 Liter Personalized American Oak Barrel (charred inside) with Spigot, Bung, and Barrel Stand

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