Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch makes a great gift for musician or anyone who plays guitar.  This is great for special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Graduation or anytime you would like to tell your guitar playing friend or family member how much you care!

Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch comes with everything you need.  Besides the pick puncher, it includes leather Pick Holder Key Chain that holds up to 10 picks, 15 Starter Strips, and a PDF Titled “It’s a Pick-a-Palooza” which is filled with interesting facts about guitar picks including a picture of the first guitar pick maker!

Here are highlights:

  • Heavy duty, sturdy construction and a stainless steel blade allows the user to create uniform and smooth guitar picks every time.
  • Simple to use, create custom guitar picks from old credit cards, gift cards, hotel room key cards, driver’s licenses or any thin piece of plastic laying around the house.

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