UpCart The All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

Upcart makes a great gift for men.  It is very handy folding hand cart that can easily go up in stairs. UpCart combines an all-terrain three-wheel chassis with a folding hand cart, and it is capable of hauling a 100 lbs. cabinet up multiple stairwells. It is specially useful when you are living in second floor of apartment complex. It also folds to a depth of just over four inches, allowing for convenient storage.

The adjustable handle allows you to select the optimum height for both stairs and level surfaces, so you can minimize strain and reduce the risk of injury regardless of what you’re doing.

Here are the overview of the features:

  • Reduces effort going up and down steps & stairs
  • Decreases pressure applied on supporting surfaces
  • Improves stability
  • Is capable of “walking” over curbs and stairs
  • Decreases pull/push forces especially for moving over the irregular terrain

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